Cruise safety drills in harbour

Image credit: Mwnuk, February 2012

Passenger safety instructions will in future be provided on cruise ships prior to leaving port.  This is effective immediately for cruise lines belonging to the three largest cruise industry associations.  This exceeds the legal requirement to conduct muster drills within 24 hours of commencing the voyage.

The three industry organisations who have reached this agreement are:

The agreement is binding on the companies that are members of these industry associations.

Passengers arriving too late for the safety briefing will receive separate individual or group safety briefings that meet the legal requirements for musters.

This decision arises from a comprehensive review of cruise ship safety conducted by the industry, following the Concordia disaster that resulted in 32 passengers missing or dead.  The evidence is that some 600 of the 3000 passengers on that vessel had not received muster training at the time of the accident.  The official investigation into the Concordia is continuing and may well recommend formal legislative changes of the sort that the industry has now adopted.

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