Qantas flight disruption end October 2011

Without prior warning, from 0800 GMT on Saturday 29 October all Qantas flights were cancelled worldwide.  In at least one case an aircraft was already on the taxiway when it was recalled.  All flights remained grounded on Sunday.  Flight operations only began to be resumed on Monday afternoon.

The decision was taken by Qantas management in response to ongoing disputes with organised labour.  On Sunday an official body, Fair Work Australia, intervened and ruled that the unions should resume negotiations, or an arbitration ruling would be made in 21 days.

Following approval by the transport regulator Qantas resumed flights and had accommodated the displaced passengers by the end of Tuesday.  Other airlines in the Qantas stable were not affected, namely, QantasLink, Jetstar, Jetconnect services, freight services Express Freighters Australia and Atlas.

Links that proved useful during this crisis:

Travel alerts:

This link includes explanation of how to claim accommodation, meals and transfers, and it provided options regarding alternative flights, and refunds.

Status information on specific flights:

This was only updated for flights 24 hours ahead.

Qantas local offices around the world:

Options for changing or refunding bookings:

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