Save up to 30% on flights – avoid online booking traps

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Loyalty can cost you

A warning about online airline ticket pricing.  If you have previously booked through a particular site, or in some cases if you have searched there previously and return for another search, you will get a higher quotation.

The answer is to clear your browser cookies to see cheaper prices.

Apple users pay up to 30% more

In a profiling trial Orbitz found that Apple users were prepared to spend 30% more on bookings than visitors using Windows.  (Orbitz presented more expensive options first, rather than charging more for the same room.)

Expedia and Priceline (who share the same parent company) do not currently use this tactic.  If you are an Apple user and do not want to pay the price premium associated with the Apple brand you should either find a Windows computer to do your booking from, or go try a different supplier.

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