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Thank you for visiting the site. You will find it adds to your enjoyment of travel, will save you money, and you will have more fun for your buck!

Kathleen Baker is a nom-de-plume used by a senior travel consultant, active in the industry, with over a decade’s experience in a broad range of activities in the industry, from call centre to corporate travel.

Kathleen has travelled extensively herself as travel is her passion, not just her career. Her objective with this site is to make the journey as enjoyable as possible. And, of course, hassle free! After all, travelling is a fun and culture-filled experience that we all wish to have great memories of.

Some of the information is not available anywhere else and you are treated to insider secrets, as well as useful information that in many cases could cost you quite a bit of money to find out if you went to an agent.

Even those in the travel industry will find the information presented here to be very useful. Kathleen and her team ensure that the topics are dealt with in a well-researched and authoritative manner, and presented in a way that helps you find the information you need quickly, and without fuss.

Please feel free to share your travel experiences in the comments.

Bon voyage!

Kathleen C Baker

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