Recent Carnival Cruises fleet status

CGC Vigorous monitors Carnival Triumph after loss of propulsion

Image Credit: US Coast Guard, February 2013

The recent status of the Carnival Cruises fleet is that most vessels continue to operate while the safety review mandated by Congressional Committee continues.

However, the troubles on several vessels remain unresolved.

Experiencing problems

  • Carnival Dream (generator problems, interruptions to power),
  • Carnival Elation (steering: “the tug that is trailing the ship while it travels of the Mississippi is pure a precautionary measure”!),
  • Carnival Legend (propulsion).

Out of service

Carnival Triumph is out of service (complete systems failure) until June, with 10 cruises cancelled.

Rebuild delayed

When it was launched in 1996 the Carnival Destiny was the largest cruise ship afloat.  Now she does not rank in the top 50.  The Destiny underwent refits in 2005 and 2010.

The Destiny name is now to be retired as the ship is undergoing a major renovation in Italy, with a budget of $155m.  When it returns to service it will be renamed as Carnival Sunshine.

The Carnival Sunshine rebuild has been delayed in order to install additional backup generators.  To date two of the cruises scheduled for its return have been cancelled in order to facilitate the upgrade.

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