Special Features of DIY Travel Expert web site

DIY travel expert helps you achieve a number of travel goals:

  • We provide authoritative travel information,
  • We give you expert DIY travel advice,
  • We demystify and explain travel processes,
  • We explain how to benefit from industry systems,
  • We show you how to save time,
  • We help you save money.

Today we highlight three special features on this web site that you can access straight from the main menu above:

Our Online Check-In page conveniently saves you time.  Select the Online Check-In page from the menu above then click the Check In button next to your chosen airline.  You will be taken directly to the online check-in page for your flight.

Our Book A Room page saves you money.  To make a hotel booking at competitive rates straight from DIY Travel Expert, select the Book a Room page from the menu above.  Insert your dates and destination into the search block and get best rates at a wide selection of hotels worldwide.

The Contents Page saves you time when locating valuable information on DIY Travel Expert.  You can now access any article through a complete listing of the topics of every one of the informative articles on the site.  (This can be used together with the comprehensive search facility, or you can just click on any article to read it.)

Bon Voyage!

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