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If you have restricted mobility, poor or no vision, or a problem that makes it hard to navigate through the check-in process then Meet and Assist may be an option that you need.

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The range of situations in which this will be a benefit includes disability, such as blindness, partial vision, being wheel-chair-bound, or not being able to handle your luggage yourself.  It is useful to any passenger that needs help during boarding or when transiting.

First time travellers could also request it if they are especially nervous, if they are transiting for the first time and need a bit of reassurance.

What will this service do for you?  An airline ground crew staff member will take you from the check-in counter to the boarding gate.  After landing, you will be assisted with disembarkation and taken to the luggage carousel or if you are transiting, they will take you to the check in counter of your connecting flight or the boarding gate if you are checked through.

How does the meet and assist booking procedure work?

  1. Advise your agent or phone the airline you booked with and state that you want a meet and assist.  (Confirm that your chosen airline provides this service!)
  2. State the reason that you require it.
  3. You will be required to give your contact details.
  4. The airline or agent will then take between 24 and 48 hours to call you back and let you know if it has been confirmed or not.

Most of the major airlines offer this facility to customers with a genuine need.  The airline will consider the request based on the priority they assign to the reasons you give, and their operational capacity on the day.  While it is offered by the major airlines, usually at no cost to the passenger, it is not offered by all airlines and there may be a charge.  ‘No frills’ airlines usually do not offer the service.

The code used by travel agents to book this service is MAAS.

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